PhD Defence by Mathias Geisler

Friday 24 May 19
May 24th 2019 at 13:30, Mathias Geisler will defend his PhD thesis.

Lyngby Campus, Building 303A, Auditorium 44 at 13:30

Title: Light-Matter Interactions in Low-Dimensional Materials

Master of the Ceremony
Assoc. Prof. Martijn Wubs
DTU Fotonik, DTU

Assessment Committee: 
Professor Peter Uhd Jepsen
DTU Fotonik, DTU, Denmark
Assoc. Prof. Timur Shegai
Chalmers University, Göteborg, Sweden
Professor Stefan Linden
University of Bonn, Germany

Principal supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Sanshui Xiao
DTU Fotonik, DTU, Denmark
Co-supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Nicolas Stenger

DTU Fotonik, DTU, Denmark
Co-supervisor: Prof. N. Asger Mortensen

University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

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